50 Days of Camino

Kevin Soltysiak's travel log of the way of St. James, the "Camino de Santiago"

Burgos (2)

I took the morning very slowly, enjoying having my own space. No snorers, no alarms, nothing to bother me. Once I was ready to leave, I joined Loïc for a quick breakfast, then Monica and Emilie for drinks and tapas. Spain is amazing in that regard: in many places, when you order a drink you get a tapas and it will only cost you between one and two euros for the whole thing. One could make a whole meal of it. Many tried to :)

Loïc decided not to stay one more night in Burgos and to walk to the next place, but I didn’t feel like walking that day. I checked in to the same albergue that locked out my friends then we went to see the town’s castle with Monica and Paul, a pilgrim from Seattle which had a fatherly vibe to him. I saw him mostly between Burgos and Leon but we had many interesting conversations; he was good at listening and good to listen to.

We went inside the tunnels under the castle, and I’m glad I wasn’t claustrophobic! After the tour, we went for drinks and then for dinner with other pilgrims that weren’t part of my usual group and were around 10/15 years older than Monica and I: it gave a family-dinner feeling to the whole thing, but in a good way :) After that, remembering the lesson from the previous night, it was time to go back to the albergue.