50 Days of Camino

Kevin Soltysiak's travel log of the way of St. James, the "Camino de Santiago"

Pau — Oloron-Sainte-Marie

We woke up quite early, our host still being a student. We grabbed a coffee with him then said our goodbyes, and we found a place to do our first laundry of the trip. After that, it was time for a second breakfast, buying some food, and we went to the train station to reach a town called Ogeu-les-Bains.

Gave d'Ossau Alternate view

We had very little interest into going back to Morlaas to follow exactly the path, and there wasn’t any town that were interesting to go to except Oloron-Sainte-Marie, and that one was too far to our taste. So we went to Ogeu and followed a very nice path along a river (the “gave d’Ossau”) which was about three hours of walk. This walk is among the ones I enjoyed the most in France and maybe overall.

So yep. Technically we “cheated” and did not walk all the way, I know. Sue me. :)

Once we were in Oloron, we mailed back home our unnecessary stuff in order to be lighter for the moutains. Then we bought some groceries again, and found a place to plant the tent at the football stadium. The club was having a meeting and they were kind enough to let us stay there.