50 Days of Camino

Kevin Soltysiak's travel log of the way of St. James, the "Camino de Santiago"


Time for the name dropping! First and foremost, I have to thank Loïc for pretty much everything. I’m pretty sure that I would not have seen this trip through had he not been involved. So cheers, man. Guy too, for going out of your way to help and host us who were complete strangers to you; your kindness will be remembered.

To Daniel and Françoise, the first pilgrims we met on the road; to the tourism office lady from Maubourguet who helped us a lot more than she had to; to all the CouchSurfing community from Pau for welcoming us, with a special mention for Sophie and Julien who hosted us in extremis; the bartenders in Eysus for their welcoming; Pascale and Maryvonne for always being cheerful; and the two hikers from Bayonne who helped not get lost in the Pyrenees and share their food and coffee with us.

To Rose and Dave for being perfect hosts; Jens for his constant good mood and for being a good drinking buddy and a good friend; Ilay for his neverending puns and good cooking; Andrea for making me see more of Pamplona than I would have had she not been on tinder; Zoltan for being such an inspiration; and Manu and Stephan for always being there when it came to share a few beers.

To Jem and his way with words that always made you wonder wether he was serious or not; Saula, for always being there for a hug and a few jokes; Krista for being such good company; Monica, for sharing all those coffee breaks with me and all the talks we had; Jose, for being a well-meaning pain in my ass; James, for reminding me to keep pushing my limits; and Christian, for being a good friend, good drinker, and all those amazing pictures you took.

To the italians and those that revolved around them: Marina, Ilias, Fabio, Davide, Mario, Denise, Romain, Macarena, her father Alvaro, Melania, Jone, Luciano, Jordi. Even though I couldn’t speak with most of you, we shared something.

To Paul, for all the interesting conversations we had and for constantly challenging me; Stera, for reminding to go past first impressions; Corry and Adelina, for reminding me that not everybody has it easy and that it doesn’t have to be a blocker; and Laura, for being such a funny host

To Brice, for reminding me that even on the camino people can be assholes and that one doesn’t always get what he wants; Gaby and Elena for always smiling and being good fun; Ben and Ollie for not allowing my nights out in Santiago to be boring; and finally to El Puto Oso, for being a reminder that a small idea can go a long way.

To Peter, Ann, Julio, Jean-Louis, Oana, Sacha, the groups of koreans, Isabel, Crystal, Anna, Margaret, Susan, Laurent, Amy, Aaron, Diego, Yutaka, Mia, Nora, Mike, Jess, Craig, Edward, Jenny, Lukas, irish Paul, Dorothea, Steffi, and the ones I forgot to mention, even though we didn’t talk as much as we could or should have.

Thank all of you for being a part of my camino. You won't be forgotten.