50 Days of Camino

Kevin Soltysiak's travel log of the way of St. James, the "Camino de Santiago"

The end of the Way

I woke up way too early, around 8. I was not fully rested but once again, my body had settled in a rythm… I kept hearing Loïc banging himself on the wall next to his bed and heard he was unable to turn off his alarm: looked like he was still quite drunk and would be nursing a massive hangover that day.

When I got out of the dorms, Jose jumped on me right away: he couldn’t find the bar from last night and he had left his stuff there. He told me they kicked him out without letting him get them first, then he was out all night in the cold and somehow he fell and ended up with a scar on his head… I was getting fed up with his shit but this time I didn’t have to walk with him. If there’s one thing I wasn’t going to miss from the camino, it was having to deal with him. It’s not that he was a bad person, but he really was not able to account for himself, from what I had seen.

I left the hotel with Loïc still asleep, knowing that I wouldn’t be seeing him until quite some time. But somehow, it felt very appropriate to leave him without saying goodbye because he was to drunk to do so: those who know him will probably agree! I ran into Jenny one last time, then went for a coffee with Krista and Saula.

After one last session of hugs and goodbyes, it was time for me to go to the bus station and leave the camino behind.

Have you seen this man?